today’s trick roundup (1)

I have to play a little bit of catch up with this post from over the past couple of days, there has been a fair amount of really good stuff! okay so first up is a short edit of josh boothby getting down on the flatland stylee, with some mad combos this dude has really amazing bike control

next up it’s Christina’s BmoreFixed edit, which accompanies a short interview and photos from the riding in the edit. barpin fakie then barspin rollout was nice

and now for the final cultur trip edit – which features loads of fun messing around as well as some really great riding, but what’s with all the scooter action nowadays? bit weird. anyway, it’s well worth watching with trick higlights being a huge hop bar from antonyo and a mammoth 180 off the ghetto ramp from jacob santos, mad impressed

what’s even better is the comment on prolly’s post from cultur: “we are slowly getting all of the photos and footage back to us where we will begin to start editing for our full length video! It will be offered 100% free and completely online for viewing and download under so stay tuned for that!” – well radical


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