a couple of new products in store now

thanks to mon for quickly snapping these for me on her phone, i’ll try and get down to the shop tomorrow by the latest with my camera and get a proper little update on the goings-down at the shop. until then, here’s a little snip of some new products in this week. first up, we’ve got a batch of coloured mks track pedals in store, as well as some high strength ABUS d-locks – never a bad thing

and we’ve also got another load of odi longneck grips. personally, i wouldn’t choose to ride with any other grip, i got mine over a year ago and they’re still fully great, with only a tiny bit of minor wear on the right hand side – amazing comfort and somehow my hands never get mad clammy as they tend to with other grips, even copies of this same design. must be magic. we’ve got them in standard size as well as the xl version that romain is currently rocking

get them, seriously you won’t regret it

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