news from superted

“This is the 14 BIKE CO x SUPERTED collaboration head-badge for any frames I do with the shop.

I liked the idea of using a skull and cross bones but obviously had to add a personal touch like the hammer and brazing torch instead of the bones and a moustache. I put the 14 Bike Co logo in using the CO as the eyes and have a SuperTed scroll underneath. I drew it by hand to keep a rough look but had help to digitize it and sort out the lettering. It’s lazer cut from stainless steel to be brazed on then polished if desired

We have been working on producing the ESB in larger batches whilst trying to bring the cost down. We are keeping the production in the UK and using all UK steel, I have been re-designing some parts and ironing out problems we have faced trying to mass produce, so soon we will have a fully UK designed and built fixed trick bike available at a very reasonable price.

Handbuilt frames will still be available at a higher price and longer wait

Cheers, Ted”


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