Klein moment

just a collection of amazing Klein MTB’s and ATB’s that I’ve spied around the internet. some great inspiration for paintjobs and colour coordination and all that lame stuff haha. no but seriously these bikes are just too bangin’ for words

now that’s one happy man


4 responses to “Klein moment

  1. Singlespeedpunk

    That man is Gary Klein! Kleins not only looked flash there was a hell of a lot of engineering in the frames and forks. The paint was just the icing on the cake!

    Mountain Goat are the other ones to look at, their reverse panel splatter paint jobs were to die for. Team green and orange or burgandy and sky blue 🙂


  2. on point, mikey! as usual! funny, i too have been looking at vintage mtbs alot lately. check out grove innovations! killllluhhhhh!!

    • it’s good to hear from you dude! I’m mad bummed out that I’m going on holiday to salzburg over this bright tradeshow, I might have to take a train for a day to come see you guys! klein is mad decent

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