today’s trick roundup (1)

first up, something that’s rapidly made its way around the whole of the online cycling community by now but still deserves a mention, Martyn Ashton absolutely killing it on a carbon road bike. new levels of madness I’d say

next up some teaser shots of new grime frame prototypes. questionably titled the ‘yomang!’ the differences seem to be that it comes 26 specific and has curved rear stays for big tyres, although I’m not sure at what point tyre size will stop growing… the curved stays seem to be a logical advancement for larger tyres, and we already thought of using a similar setup for the ESB, but ultimately I think the decision was made that they were ugly and seeing as the ESB can already accomodate about 2.1/2.2 or 50mmish tyres (more if we crimp them) it wasn’t a worthwhile thing to do. even so It’s nice to see people doing their own thing and getting creative, and I’m excited to see one build up! more info here

and last of this batch is a sweet short film by Fabrice VIGUIER named ‘wheels’. in terms of trickery the content isn’t that accomplished but it’s well shot, and the innocent and fun vibe is refreshing – a great atmosphere and a generally great little edit


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