Ohio cyclist hit and run collision

I saw this on prolly’s blog and I was honestly shocked, and not even just the unexpected crash but the fact that the driver didn’t slow down a bit and the witnessing motorists didn’t move a muscle either – not one person came to check if the dude was alright, let alone calling the police on the dangerous driver. hard to keep faith in some people when a bicycle can warp people’s morals

at least the victim showed some astonishing humility:

“Cyclists: riding is safe. Keep your eyes open and protect your important bits.
Drivers: Accidents happen. No hard feelings. Please stop to make sure everyone is alive and well. That is the civilized protocol after any accident- regardless of the vehicles involved. ”

it’s incredible that someone can be so cool headed when every part of the ordeal would have made it hard to be so, maybe I’ll try and adopt some of his calm, getting worked up on a ride because of inconsiderate vehicles can ruin your day


One response to “Ohio cyclist hit and run collision

  1. Very cool headed, and very well said. Props to the cyclist. I made “contact”lets call it with a car recently myself, and despite being knocked off the road, clearly in the right, the first thing I said to the driver (who at least had the good grace to stop) was “Ah you know what, I think I bent your side mirror a bit, sorry”.

    I hope the cyclist is indeed alright, but that the authorities are contacted, and this video submitted.

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