man bags

hokay den, so a lot of the time I find myself in need of a bag to keep my belongings in, whether it’s a camera or puncture repair kits or whatever, but I can’t face taking a big ol’ backpack and getting a sweaty back (not cool). Although maybe not super trendy over here, a small bag that can be worn over the shoulder or around the waist is essential, and here are two recent examples:

the new VAGX Urban Hip Bag

and the Futura Laboratories X CRANK collaboration bag

when the great people from Dice&Dice visited us last year, they gave us some lovely gifts, including this bag (below) which has become my most favouritest man bag evar. seriously I use this thing like every day, and it’s pretty much the perfect size to fit all my stuff into

more in my stuff flickr set

keys, phone, camera, films, battery, tyre levers, inner tube, 15mm spanner, lights, gloves, go-karting trophy, pump, allen key set, everything! this little bag is invaluable. huge thanks to futura laboratories + Dice&Dice for this one

highly recommend a man bag to anyone and everyone – dont care


3 responses to “man bags

  1. Geoff Bilbrough

    Cool bags. Do you sell any of these?

  2. and they still don’t ship to europe…

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