today’s trick roundup

here’s grad degroot getting super technical on a fixed gear, though actually the fact that it’s a fixed gear bike makes no difference for the tricks but still it’s cool

next up is a ‘lines’ edit from lockedcog which I’m digging. good riding from all but damn, kris got a 180 barspin slider. I haven’t seen that on a fixed gear before, and it’s mad ill. definitely a great little edit

next up a teaser for the mixtmeat edit from the recent streetfest, featuring our own gus, odge and romain amongst others. rad wallride from ric of 44/16!

next up the not fixed but still totally ill ‘Dubstep Thrashbike Jam’ (RMC cup II) with some super ill 26″ riding. I still think suspension forks may be a good idea for progression for a certain type of fixed riding… we’ll see

and on the subject of street 26, check this cool photo from teamfreebike. via

that’s all folks!

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