another baffling design from puma bikes

okay so I haven’t been a huge fan of Puma’s efforts of recent in creating a successful commercial bike, either with hideous bulges in their designs or confusing mismatch of parts, and this one named ‘the pico urban mini bmx bike’ seems to be no exception. So it’s an urban mini bmx. right. well then the basket makes sense, and presumably it’s just for zipping around, going to the shops and cruising on, right? So I’m not totally sure why they have disk brakes (seems like a bit overkill) but whatever, but then why have a drilled fork? It’s not even the random tubes that irritate me, but considering you’re not going to be doing any mad speeds on this thing anyway, what’s the point in having an 8 speed cassette and derailleur hanging about 2cm from the floor? I just don’t get it

don’t let me put you off this thing. If you’re in the market for an 8 speed disk brake equipped urban mini bmx and have $749.00 to splash on it then go the puma online store HERE

don’t get me wrong, I appreciate Puma’s contribution to the bike scene, as with their fixed gear 101 (below) which I remember reading all that time ago, it’s just that I don’t dig these recent efforts, they seem to be totally confused…

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