today’s trick roundup (1)

first up we have a real inspirational trails edit that documents the dedication of a few individuals to make something truly amazing. Loads of work but I’m sure it’s totally worth it… makes me want to ride some trails soooo baaaad. great shots as well, overall stokifying to the max – wow (gotta click the image)

next up a quirky little edit of andrew voegeli, with some good stuff fo sho like 180 to fakie grind (you gotta get it) and the gap at the end – good stuff

now for the ‘The Rock ‘N’ Roll Carnival x Track Heads’ event. was this recent? I swear I’ve seen a photo of YU sitting on the bars in that place before (can’t find it now). either way it’s a great edit, and must have been a great event.
I also love the nicknames, and I think ‘Fanny’ has to be one of my favourites.
In the end ‘Jun won. But he didn’t even make any tricks. He just showed his extreme style.’ – Watching this guy ride was both hilarious and amazing. he has SO MUCH ENERGY and his bike just flies around. I’m not even sure what trick he was trying but it was hella fast and totally committed every time. I love it

just seen that it was april 28th, so yeah must have been the same as the photo. anyone find it?


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