today’s trick roundup

or is it yesterday’s? sorry I was not very with it yesterday and didn’t get round to updating the blog, but don’t worry, I don’t think I’ve missed what went on. Anyway, first up check out Matt Lingo‘s photos from Michael Chacon’s recent trip to San Diego – that bunnyhop barspin looks big and scary

NEXT up is a great little edit from one of my favourite japanese riders YU. this guy has progressed loads, and I always enjoy his edits for his interesting style and unusual approach to obstacles – creativity is everything!

and finally for this little nugget we have a little update from Miles Mathia. He’s riding a new prototype frame from Villin Cycles, which seems to include a more compact, BMX style geometry, short rear stays and a higher bottom bracket to accommodate for 26″ wheels. All of these things seem to make sense, and it’s an interesting experiment, although personally (and I don’t know if it’s partly to do with the components or the lack of paint or whatever) I think it is pretty ugly. not that it matters any more, as 700CMX / 26 fixed seems to pride itself on ugliness.
check this Elevated Engineering edit below which showcases some of his riding

dope edit, with 180s and 3taps, a strangely comfortable looking but brief nose manual, and some bunnyhop barspins thrown in for good measure, (but control that right arm dude haha!)

on a different note someone was asking me what sort of bike my trick bike was yesterday, and it brought up that old and unresolved discussion of a name for the trick fixed sport. I’ll go through what I think of a couple of the suggestions first
700CMX – sounds like we’re begging BMX, serisously, doesnt account for 26″
26 fixed – doesn’t account for 700c riders, though I do think it sounds better
fixed freestyle – personally I would interpret this as pointing towards flatground tricks, though as I said it’s a purely personal response

so what about FTB – Fixed Trick Bikes. I know normally T would stand for terrain as in MTB and ATB, though seeing as the trick bikes we ride seem to be moving towards a compromise between MTB and BMX with a fixed drivetrain that’s probably okay? I don’t know of anything that’s already taken up the name so what do you think? anyway, just a thought

One response to “today’s trick roundup

  1. Fastback stays? Seriously?
    I don’t think they could have picked a weaker option.

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