Fixedgearlondon & 14 Bike Co.

This frame was initially an experiment to see how far we could push the boundaries and capabilities of 14 Bike Co’s resources. Andy at FGLDN based the concept on a couple of frames he had owned in the past. This is a frame that is all about the details…

Many times this has been mistaken for Aluminum. This is a steel frame, Reynolds double butted 853 to be precise. We at 14 BIKE CO only work with steel when it comes to making our bicycle frames. This was a common choice for a custom frame 20 or so years ago, but today you would find it almost impossible to get your hands on something similar. 14 & FGLDN believe steel has soul because of the skill and time that goes into making a frame like this.

This is the jewel in 14’s crown, it is something that has had more thought and workmanship put into it than any frame we have produced before. This is a high performance street frame will be available in two different geometries: Tight and Super Tight! One for short distances or sprinting and the other will give a more comfortable ride for longer distances. You may think that youhave seen something like this before… but never with the combination of technology and parts that we have available to us today. This steel aero frame is a rarity in today’s over run Carbon and Aluminum world. We want this to be a highlight in 14’s line up, something that stands out above everything else.

We intended this to be a frame you can abuse and it will still love you the next day. 14 Bike Co & FGLDN did not compromise on any part of the development and we hope that riders who will own this frame don’t compromise on the final build or the way they ride this bike…

Reynolds 853 double butted oversize aero tubing, custom drawn for 14 Bike Co. Full fillet brazing, takes a 27.2 Seat post and an English threaded bottom bracket. CNC machined custom drop outs. Wheel cut out on the seat tube for a shorter rear end. Integrated hidden headset. Frame set includes a carbon fibre monocoque fork.

*All photographs of the development and construction can be found on and

14R frame + forks are priced at £1000.00 and can be pre-ordered from
Frame sets will be available from mid February.

here are some pictures of how Andy currently has his set up, and of development shots, a full set of which can be found in the links below

click HERE for the slideshow
and HERE for the flickr set

15 responses to “NEW FRAMESET – 14R

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  2. Hello

    I guess why on a picture from your flickr set the order spec sheet mention for tubbing Columbus zonal oval then this frame should be built with 853 ?
    I’m interesting by this frame set, It seems to be 51 size ?
    What about toe overlaping ?


  3. you guys win

  4. hey, this is pretty amazing! it looks like a great frame, and i love the idea of a 853 aero tubeset. maybe next time would you guys consider making a frame that normal people can afford? i’d definitely buy it.

    • since we are a small scale business that is dedicated to quality of materials and manufacture
      (hence supporting british framebuilding traditions with all frames handmade in coventry and as many parts as possible sourced in the UK) it’s impossible to match some of the expectations of the public in terms of price – accustomed to buying mass produced Taiwanese trash the whole time.
      if you look at our custom frame prices in comparison to anything else on the market you’d find they are very agreeable, and if you knew the profit margin you could also appreciate that we aim to keep frame sets as affordable as possible.

    • If you saw this frame in the flesh, and talked with Andy about it, you’d know it’s worth every penny

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  7. This is a beautiful frameset and quality craftsmanship deserves the right price. Does the shop have plans or the potential for plans to make a larger frame along this style, maybe less pursuit and more casual?

  8. Hi

    Is sit possible to have a drilled fork for this frame set ?

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