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guess where this is



its around london town, was roaming through and saw the nice light, so snapped it up dans l’iphone
i dunno, I like it
whoever guesses right can get a smothering of this

good luck

big ups

yah boyy

yahh yahh


polo polo polo



saggy bags

‘megatron’ and ‘stealth’, another COLLABO, this between FTC and SAG

I’m definately feeling these, and I’m sorta becoming more and more distant from the allure of messenger bags – having been the standard in the ‘scene’ in the beginning; having taken-off from the bicycle courier culture, though now fixed gear bikes are diverging and cliques forming, and more emphasis is put on function of equipment for more speciali(z)ed use, like with the 700cmx ‘movement’. I reckon it’s pretty good as people are experimenting, or in this case (having spoken to many others in lahndahn) going back to what we were used to i.e. backpacks
Messenger bags obviously have their place, especially in actual couriering, where the ability to swing your bag infront of you and open the front flap gives obvious advantages, although from personal experience, and for what I normally carry with me (camera, jacket, coupla tools, keys etc) backpacks suit my needs loads better, with the ability to loosen it off to hang on your lower back (allowing your back to dry off) nudging the nail into the messenger bag coffin

anyway, I like backpacks, I like my waterproof eastpak backpack, and I definately like the look of these backpacks

get ’em here

bike of the day 27/07/09

haven’t had one of these in a while…


nice shirt

i think I like this a lot

or I really really don’t like it


the patch work shirt by discovered


seen here

what the hell is this?

stuff blowing up, that’s what
its kinda scary, but not this scary, more like this scary

from a film called Zabriskie Point by Michelangelo Antonioni in 1970

hella wierd, here’s a semi-satisfactory explanation from wikipedia:

“It tells the story of a young couple — an idealistic, free spirited young woman, and an aspiring radical turned fugitive. They meet in the desert under bizarre circumstances, instantly connect with a fearless spirit, and then part with tragic consequences. When the fugitive dies in an attempt to reconcile his minor transgressions with the police his new-found lover’s connection to the corporate and government establishment is psychologically and permanently severed when she visualizes the home of her corporate lover/boss exploding in slow motion.”

seen here

yum yum buy me dis



ricoh gr digital III see it here

sweden killing it

pretty sweet


photo’s by boondking

seen at pedal consumption


more saucy bicycle themed portraits by theFiXFiXFiX

some are quite nice


not sure whether these are to fulfill a photographic passion of semi-clad women on/around bicycles, or whether it is just a veil for the photographer with which to entice pretty ladies to get loose alone with him/her, but either way I’m not complaining