Bright Tradeshow

I attended the Bright Tradeshow in Frankfurt with fixedgearlondon and it was amazing
thanks all for making it happen! props to Thomas, Toby, Niko, Andy, Odge, Mon, Pouya, Azita and everyone who was involved

We’ve got about gazillion photos to develop/upload so lots to come, but for now a snap of gus clearing a gap in the Bright Skatepark

we’ve got footage of both Gus & myself clearing the gap / messing about in the skatepark too but that’ll have to wait. 🙂


One response to “Bright Tradeshow

  1. hey ho john, shit – i missed ya. attended the bright for years and stoped 2 years ago, since then the fixed seem to take over the skate and streetwear trade. next time, let me know. your feetbelts are still waiting, sold so many over here that only white and grey are left at the moment. peace, mnl

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