FGL x 14 bike co trick frame

here ’tis. FGLDN & 14 Bike Co frame
Designed and hand built by SuperTed in London
Made from Reynolds 631 double butted tubing
Fillet braised construction using over sized tubing
with pierced top tube.
Fork not built by ted. That is in the works and should be done real soon.
Colour: Tox-sick yellow!

more on the fixedgearlondon photostream


9 responses to “FGL x 14 bike co trick frame

  1. geo? Specs? Looking nice thus far!

    • testing a few geo’s at the moment, nothing entirely fixed yet
      will update when commercially available


  2. can we get a picture of the side profile of the frame?

  3. they aren’t my pictures unfortunately, but as soon as I can get to the shop when Romain is there, i’ll take some more conventional shots

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  5. when will there be more information about this bike ie cost and fork form? been into the shop, tried to call but no one knows anything…

  6. yes there will be more information released when they are commercially available
    for now not much is fixed

  7. I WOULD BUY ONE…I like it more than the milwaukee bruiser to be honest…and besides, milwaukee have sort of communication issues for preordered ones….refering to what i ve read on the bruiser thread on trick track.com…

    they received them in hq us, but noone knows how how lg it takes to have them painted locally before shipping….so, handmade all the way, 14BIKE CO trick frame gets my vote…also 300 euros shipping charge from us to france by ups…

    and then it sounds like a not so youpie es….much more!!! :-))

    tough luck to actually buy what you want in track frames now, you have the will to, you have the money…but offer is lacking severely everywhere….VOLUME cutter, pretty much the same….ahhhh, the agony!!! :-)))

    so yeah keep me posted ounce they r available, cause on your side it s a small scale prod, and beginning launch, so yeah you re well excused…

  8. for the 300 euros charge by ups i m not refering to 14bike co…but for the milwaukee bruiser, only option to buy it is from us through greg s shop…NOONE S FAULT JUST DISTANCE…

    no bad feelings, just anoying….

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